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Our team offers resources to grow as a minister and works with you to further the movement of the Gospel no matter the stage of your ministry. Next Level Ministry exists to foster excellence in ministry leadership. We have over 40 years of combined ministry experience, along with 5 Master’s Degrees in Theology and countless moments where we’ve inspired ministry leaders to be more effective, dynamic and committed disciple makers.

Next Level is a ministry of Ablaze Ministries, where we build up the best youth ministers in the nation who build up the best youth ministries.

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With over 13 years of experience in ministry at both a parish and Diocesan level, Chris seeks to create opportunities where teens can encounter our Lord and believes relational ministry is vital to making that a reality.


Lisa is passionate about sharing her Faith with others of all ages and building stronger families along the way.


Having experienced Christ’s consistent and healing love following trauma as a teen, Gwen is passionate about sharing His love with those she encounters.  She holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Theology, with a Religious Education and New Evangelization emphasis, and has spent more than a decade in the trenches of youth ministry.  Gwen is an engaging speaker and emcee who desires to empower and equip others, leading them into a more intimate relationship with the Lord.


Taylor Schroll jumped into ministry while in high school, and has since served the Church on campuses, retreats, conferences, and in Catholic parishes. Taylor is a true extrovert, enjoys listening to Catholic podcasts, and is also passionate about music ministry. Taylor lives in Bryan, TX with his wife Samantha and their 2 children, Christopher and Magdalen.


Matt is the president and founder of Ablaze Ministries where he works to develop creative and dynamic approaches to Catholic youth ministry. At first, Matt was terrified of middle school youth, but now loves to minister to them and provide opportunities to draw them closer to Christ. Matt has a graduate degree in Theology and is a passionate speaker with a heart for the Catholic Church. Matt and his wife Weslei live in Bryan, TX with their 5 children.


Alyssa has been passionate about evangelization and youth ministry for over 11 years. She received a Catholic graduate degree from the Augustine Institute this past spring, and now mentors and instructs youth ministers and  oversees 4 different ministry programs. Alyssa cohosts the radio show “Everyday Catholics,” is an on and off Catholic Blogger and currently lives in Bryan, TX.