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What Everyone Needs to Know About Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Hello, my name is Alyson, and I am a Netflix and Amazon Prime addict. You can often find me binging on my phone or computer while sitting on the couch.  Just ask my roommate and close friends, as I constantly quote or reference TV shows or movies. I must also confess that I am a millennial. … Continue reading What Everyone Needs to Know About Netflix’s Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Caught and Not Taught

Think back to last summer. I know for some of us ministers this might be impossible, but humor me for a moment. Yes, since then there have been countless events, meetings, and distractions. But think back to those first few months of planning for this ministry year. Scheduling topics for particular nights, looking through your curriculum, … Continue reading Caught and Not Taught

When Everything is Awful

No matter how many good days you have, how many wonderful friends are in your life, how great your relationship with God is going, how perfect your job is, there will be days when it feels as if everything is crashing in around you and you just don’t want this particular life. There will be … Continue reading When Everything is Awful

Called to Greatness

Here's the thing. Sometimes, I become unsatisfied with where I am. I'm unhappy with where God had placed me. I get restless. I ask God that if He wants to use me like He said He did, then why hasn't led me to that place or that team? I complain to Him that I want to go out and … Continue reading Called to Greatness

What Happens When You Leave

After a short 6 month stint in the Peace Corps, I’d easily estimate I heard the word "sustainability" over a thousand times. Sustainability is the buzzword in the international development community, and for good reason.  The focus of aid has shifted from “giving” to “teaching.” For example, we underwent three months of training, covering cultural … Continue reading What Happens When You Leave

The Reflection You Didn’t Know You Needed

About a month ago, I was challenged by my spiritual director to examine and process my semester in ministry. In doing so, I’ve been able to go back and reflect on how God has been moving in my life. This semester was the busiest we’ve ever had, and has probably been the most successful as well. With … Continue reading The Reflection You Didn’t Know You Needed

Take My Voice

Have you ever completely lost your voice before? If you’re active in ministry you know that your voice is one of the most important tools that you have at your disposal to share the Gospel.  How else are you supposed to give a testimony, lead an activity, or organize a group of people, even if it’s … Continue reading Take My Voice

Expect the Unexpected

In ministry, you have the opportunity to be a part of several retreats. After the fifth or sixth retreat, we as ministers can be tempted to ease into a comfort zone. I have found that there are times when you have to be intentionally open to what God can do in your life and how he can use … Continue reading Expect the Unexpected

Share the Vision

Ask any minister and they’ll tell you, "we could never do what we do without our volunteers." Events, giving talks, leading small groups, being in dramas or skits on retreats... I mean, there's no way that one minister could dress up as the entire cast from the Hunger Games all by themselves. Volunteers really are … Continue reading Share the Vision

23 Ways to Be Yourself

Got a little story for ya ministers- there were three identical villages facing an identical problem; a large boulder had nestled itself in the village river, halting most of the flow of the river. The people were thirsty. The crops weren’t being watered. The village water hole dried up. The people of the villages met … Continue reading 23 Ways to Be Yourself