Busy? Read this. Too busy? Read it twice.

A lot of times when we are too busy to stop and listen to what God is trying to tell us, He sends someone more willing to listen to Him to deliver His message to us. These past few weeks have been a blur for me. From the classes I take as a college student, to … Continue reading Busy? Read this. Too busy? Read it twice.

Comfortable Yet?

Usually when we have growth in our spiritual life, certain parts of ministry get easier.  Things that used to make us anxious become second nature. We work faster on things that used to take forever. What used to worry us is no longer a concern. This kind of comfort in ministry isn’t a bad thing; it’s just … Continue reading Comfortable Yet?

Volunteer Training, Simplified

The ministry year is in full swing! We're drinking more coffee than ever and have full voicemail inboxes, but to God be the glory! At this point in the fall semester, you might still be searching for volunteers, or you may be realizing that the ones you have still need some help. Today's post is to … Continue reading Volunteer Training, Simplified

The Attack on Ministry

There are certain times in our life when things just don’t seem to be going quite right.  We all have those times when we are hit with a trial or get overwhelmed with the circumstances of our lives.  Sometimes this makes us question the direction we are moving, other times it gives us conviction that … Continue reading The Attack on Ministry

Don’t Stop the Madness

I was able to go to a Tenth Avenue North concert as a part of their "Struggle" tour. If you haven’t heard of them, Tenth Avenue North is a Christian band from Florida and has recorded popular songs like Healing Begins, Love Is Here, and Losing. What I love most about this band (other than the fact that they … Continue reading Don’t Stop the Madness

How Not to Hijack Your Youth

As I typed the words “Take Me to Church” into Google on my projected computer screen, I heard a groan escape from one of the girls sitting in the front row. I took the bait and asked her why she was upset.   “You’re going to ruin this song for me. I like this song.” … Continue reading How Not to Hijack Your Youth

How to Plant an Invisible Garden

That’s the thing with middle school youth ministry: we are not the ones watching the fruit grow. We are merely planting seeds, or sometimes just tilling the soil to help make a place where something might grow someday. And honestly, it’s not even us doing the work. We’re just lucky enough that the Holy Spirit is choosing to use our feeble hands to further the Kingdom of God here on Earth. God has the power and ability to use every game we play, every word we speak, every time of small group, every smile, every interaction, every meal, and every prayer said to move the hearts of these kids, and move my heart as well.