8 Steps for a Strong Volunteer Team

This may seem backwards, but you are called to first minister to your volunteers, then to your teens.  Your volunteers may need you to show them how to more effectively minister to your teens, but you must pour into your volunteers to help them learn, grow, multiply, and become disciple makers.  If you disciple your [...]

3 Cities, 7 Deaths…NOW WHAT?!

You’d have to be living under a rock to not know what has been happening in our country over the past week.  There were multiple fatal shootings by police officers being called into question with a public outcry helped by witness’s video, then someone taking the law into his own hands and ending the lives [...]

YM Exposed: Things I Never Thought I’d Do

  Whenever you began your youth ministry career you had hopes and aspirations.  You may have been excited to lead teens to Christ, catechize them on the truths of the faith, and build relationships with them.  You probably expected some joys and challenges to take place like teens encountering Christ, occasional difficulties with co-workers or [...]

Why Youth Ministers Need to Miss Youth Group

  Every year I have a youth group session where I’m intentionally not there.  That’s right, I miss it on purpose.  I set it up to occur in the fall semester, usually October or November.  Some might think that by missing youth group I’m not doing my job, but by missing that session I’m able to do [...]

5 Simple Steps to Create Engaging Talks

You’ve worked on your talk for weeks in prayer and preparation.  You’re excited to deliver the Truth of Christ to the youth.  Then, as you’re passionately speaking, you look out to see a room filled with glazed over eyes. They have completely checked out. We’ve all been there. Here’s 5 ways to keep your audience [...]

Modern Miracles of Physical Healing

When was the last time you heard about someone who was physically healed through prayer?  Have you ever witnessed healing yourself? I recently had the honor to volunteer as a prayer minister for a retreat.  During the week three people shared with me about previous encounters they had when praying with someone and that personal was physically [...]

How to Win with Games in Ministry: Trench Tested Games

Whether you want to get some energy out, build community, or just have fun; when done well a game can be a great way to get the juices flowing and break the ice in a ministry setting.   RULES TO SUCCESSFUL GAMES 1.  Have the youth in the starting position before you explain the game. [...]

5 Ways to Make Faith Relevant to Teens

Those committed to their faith know the importance of having a relationship with Christ.  But for teens who are learning about the Church it can be difficult to grasp not only the beautiful theology but why it matters for their lives today.  It’s vital to recognize that you’re not called to simply teach the faith, [...]

Why October Isn’t Too Early for Christmas Lights

In early October I was driving home and noticed one of my neighbors had their Christmas lights up and lit.  My initial reaction was probably similar to many of yours; take a picture, post it on social media, and join in the barrage of comments about it being too soon for Christmas lights, how people [...]