dallas ministry conference 2017

Dallas Ministry Conference 2017

It was great meeting you at the Dallas Ministry Conference. In this post, you will find all things related to our Dallas Ministry Conference presentations and more. Next Level Ministry seeks to foster excellence in ministry leadership through ministry coaching & consultation, speaking & trainings, and empowering through resources. Your success in ministry is our … Continue reading Dallas Ministry Conference 2017

Be Confident and Courageous

Be Confident and Courageous

Fear 15,000 years ago when you went out into the wild and you got nervous, you turned the other way. Journeying into the uncomfortable or unknown could be fatal. Today that same instinct exists. When you meet someone new or find yourself facing an uncomfortable situation, your mind and body often tell you to run. … Continue reading Be Confident and Courageous

toilet paper solutions

Toilet Paper Solutions

Sometimes there are unexpected solutions to the obstacles in your ministry. And sometimes God uses you in a way that seems counter-intuitive. But trust in His plan and invite Him into your problems https://youtu.be/Tevoe7Tb2YU https://contentupgrade.me/mA4NkyJ5

succeed in a youth ministry interview

How to Succeed in a Youth Ministry Interview

Summer is almost over. For the field of youth ministry, summer is a hiring season. I know of a number of parishes that are hiring here in my diocese. This process can seem difficult and intimidating. Submitting a resume and preparing for an interview can give you butterflies that remind you of asking someone on … Continue reading How to Succeed in a Youth Ministry Interview