Preach the Gospel and All Times and When Necessary, Text It.

SMS & Texting technology combined with the character limit of twitter means we are saying more with less. Often the result is a melting pot of grammatical errors and encrypted abbreviations. "Preach d gspel n ll tyms n wen nSSRe, txt It."   For someone who has been in ministry from the days when cell phones charged 10 cents a text, I love the fact [...]

Hearing Vs. Listening: You’ve sat down, now what? Pt. 2

Missed Part 1?  Read it here.   This second installment of my three part series on Hearing vs. Listening walks you through the steps and skills of taking a conversation from a mere transaction to an encounter. Deeper Steps in Listening 1. Invite/Invoke the Holy Spirit into the conversation  When you meet a person for the [...]

Why October Isn’t Too Early for Christmas Lights

In early October I was driving home and noticed one of my neighbors had their Christmas lights up and lit.  My initial reaction was probably similar to many of yours; take a picture, post it on social media, and join in the barrage of comments about it being too soon for Christmas lights, how people [...]

Hearing vs. Listening: What’s the difference? Pt. 1

In my experience of church ministry, I have often found that most people who approach the church are in need of something on their “to do” list, but are also in need of so much more.  They are in need of someone to listen to their stories and help them move forward. Since I was [...]

3 Ways to Instantly Transform Your Relationships with Others

These 3 simple phrases when used more often between you and those you value or love (and even your enemies) can make a significant impact in your relationships with others. A few months ago, one of our deacons shared a link with me to Pope Francis’ Speech to engaged couples on February 14, 2014.  If you [...]

Writing Great Discussion Questions

Small groups have become a staple in ministry today. They create community, foster identity and build trust that leads to openness to Jesus Christ. Small groups can be a primary vehicle for people to share their faith, question their faith and encounter a community who loves them and journeys with them. Below are some tips [...]

How to Pray with a Teen

Personal prayer is difficult enough, but there are moments when the Holy Spirit is asking us to pray with a teenager or other adult. Be not afraid, the fruits outweigh the challenge.  This call to pray with another may be after you have had a great one on one conversation or during a moving moment [...]