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Getting Ready for a New Semester: a Resource Blast for Ministry Leaders

New Semester, New Ministry It’s the most wonderful time of the year. You are in charge of leading your ministry this fall and the stakes are high. In the midst of registration, recruiting, and preparation, you are tasked with coming up with a new and improved version of programing for next year. It can all be … Continue reading Getting Ready for a New Semester: a Resource Blast for Ministry Leaders

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Getting Spiritually Fit

How many of us worry about our beach body or are constantly setting (and sometimes actually meeting) health goals? This week, Gwen talks about focusing, not only on your physical health, but also your spiritual health. Do you set spiritual goals like you set weight goals? Our spiritual fitness is so important to leading & … Continue reading Getting Spiritually Fit

Remembering Their Names

Gwen offers her powerful testimony about remembering the victims of terrible violence. For your prayer, below is a list of the victims from the shooting in Las Vegas. Please intercede for their souls and the healing of their families and loved ones. Hannah Ahlers Heather Alvarado Dorene Anderson Carrie Barnette Jack Beaton Steve Berger … Continue reading Remembering Their Names

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Lead Us Not Into Temptation

How often are you avoiding the spiritual heartache & suffering that sin brings into your life? In this video, Gwen wants you to identify areas of temptation in your life, and she challenges you to proactively work against sin's temporal draw.