Becoming a Man of Prayer: Part 2

Welcome back to our series for men. I encourage you to share this with the men at your parish, your brothers in Christ, and anyone God has placed in your life who you think would benefit from this series. Last week, we talked about how the world we live in is hurting. Depression, alcoholism, pornography... the [...]

Why I Won’t Settle

As people who work in ministry, we understand the importance of living a life that thrives on Christ and is an outpouring of His love and grace in our lives. We understand the intensity and major consequence of mortal sin. But we usually don’t notice the effect venial sin has had on our lives until we have dug ourselves into a hole that we need a lot of help to get out of.

The Fate of Your Ministry Lies in One Question

If God doesn’t drive everything in our lives and in our ministry, then what are we even doing? If we proclaim Christ as Lord to our young people, but He’s not actually Lord of our lives, of our days, of our schedules, if we don’t take time to receive marching orders from Him, if we don’t let Him tell us that we belong to Him – then our works and our relationship with Him are empty.