3 Tips to Combat Relativism

Well, that’s just your opinion. Don’t force your beliefs on me. Intolerant. Hater. Bigot. These are all things you’ve heard and may have been called.  Why?  Because you’re teaching the truth of Jesus Christ. A few years ago I was in the Austin airport and overheard two teens talking. The girl, who I learned was [...]

National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry – 5 Quick Takes

Last weekend, the team from Next Level Ministry was able to attend the National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry (NCCYM). Over 3,000 people gathered to discuss how we as ministers and as a Church could better connect Christ to teens and families. Here are my 5 quick takes from the conference. Evangelization > Catechesis Bob [...]

An Open Letter to Christians in the Wake of the Election

We are missing out on an amazing opportunity. Over the last 30 days social media feeds have been filled with people spewing venom at one another due to a disagreement of ideas. People are instantly villainized due to their affiliation with one person. News reports are showing how Americans can deal with the added stress [...]

Desire Paths

A desire path usually represents the shortest or most easily navigated route between an origin and a destination. The path can be created as a consequence of foot or bicycle traffic. These are also known as desire lines, social trails, or (the best one) goat tracks. It’s the simplest solution in getting from point A to point B. I spent [...]

The Fate of Your Ministry Lies in One Question

If God doesn’t drive everything in our lives and in our ministry, then what are we even doing? If we proclaim Christ as Lord to our young people, but He’s not actually Lord of our lives, of our days, of our schedules, if we don’t take time to receive marching orders from Him, if we don’t let Him tell us that we belong to Him – then our works and our relationship with Him are empty.

8 Steps for a Strong Volunteer Team

This may seem backwards, but you are called to first minister to your volunteers, then to your teens.  Your volunteers may need you to show them how to more effectively minister to your teens, but you must pour into your volunteers to help them learn, grow, multiply, and become disciple makers.  If you disciple your [...]

Martyrdom and Narcissism

Last Tuesday, Fr. Jacques Hamel gave his life for Jesus Christ. Fr. Jacques was martyred by two jihadists in a Catholic church in Normandy during the sacred liturgy. Shockwaves flew through first world countries by this tragedy so uncommon in these areas. Our surprise should not be so great. According to Christianity.com, more Christians have [...]

4 things I learned about Evangelization from Vacation Bible School

This past week our church hosted Cave Quest VBS. It was an outstanding adventure… and a significant amount of work. Here are a few lessons I learned about Evangelization from Vacation Bible School. Evangelization is Joy-filled At the morning VBS meeting, the leaders reminded the volunteers that the energy they bring is the energy that [...]