Take My Voice

Have you ever completely lost your voice before? If you’re active in ministry you know that your voice is one of the most important tools that you have at your disposal to share the Gospel.  How else are you supposed to give a testimony, lead an activity, or organize a group of people, even if it’s … Continue reading Take My Voice

An Open Letter to Christians in the Wake of the Election

We are missing out on an amazing opportunity. Over the last 30 days social media feeds have been filled with people spewing venom at one another due to a disagreement of ideas. People are instantly villainized due to their affiliation with one person. News reports are showing how Americans can deal with the added stress … Continue reading An Open Letter to Christians in the Wake of the Election

Tell Them A Jesus Kind of Truth

Sometimes, I think we make ministry way more complicated than it needs to be. We agonize over curriculum, content, and delivery, and while these things are important, they should not be our focus. When they are, I think we miss out on the simplicity of what God is actually asking us to do as ministers. … Continue reading Tell Them A Jesus Kind of Truth

Comfortable Yet?

Usually when we have growth in our spiritual life, certain parts of ministry get easier.  Things that used to make us anxious become second nature. We work faster on things that used to take forever. What used to worry us is no longer a concern. This kind of comfort in ministry isn’t a bad thing; it’s just … Continue reading Comfortable Yet?

7 Steps to Empower Your Team to Give Great Talks

Part of our job in ministry is to equip others to evangelize. One of the ways we can help our volunteers do that is to have them give talks at our youth nights or on our retreats. You have the potential to empower and equip your volunteers to give great talks. This will help them become … Continue reading 7 Steps to Empower Your Team to Give Great Talks

Let Saint Teresa of Calcutta be Your Ministry Mentor

"Vocation is belonging to Christ. The work is only a means for us to put our love of Christ into action." Holy Toledo Batman. Read that again... What a rockstar. I recently wrote a paper on Mother Teresa’s spirituality in the midst of the modern world. (Don’t worry, I am not about to copy and paste … Continue reading Let Saint Teresa of Calcutta be Your Ministry Mentor

Desire Paths

A desire path usually represents the shortest or most easily navigated route between an origin and a destination. The path can be created as a consequence of foot or bicycle traffic. These are also known as desire lines, social trails, or (the best one) goat tracks. It’s the simplest solution in getting from point A to point B. I spent … Continue reading Desire Paths

The Green Growing Edge

In a phone conversation with Mary Sharon Moore, an interviewer with Called and Gifted, the concept of living on the green growing edge came up. This was a gifts interview, an attempt to further discern particular charisms, certain supernatural graces, that an individual might have. At this point in the conversation we were discussing the … Continue reading The Green Growing Edge

How to Plant an Invisible Garden

That’s the thing with middle school youth ministry: we are not the ones watching the fruit grow. We are merely planting seeds, or sometimes just tilling the soil to help make a place where something might grow someday. And honestly, it’s not even us doing the work. We’re just lucky enough that the Holy Spirit is choosing to use our feeble hands to further the Kingdom of God here on Earth. God has the power and ability to use every game we play, every word we speak, every time of small group, every smile, every interaction, every meal, and every prayer said to move the hearts of these kids, and move my heart as well.

You can’t Form Disciples without Community

Humanity, people, you…Every single person comes from community and is drawn to community. The Trinity, a community of 3 persons, one God, breathed us into existence. Biologically it takes a community of a man and a woman to create a child. Sociologically, community is essential in order for the person to develop and thrive.