One Body and One Spirit

Last week we had our monthly Middle School Family Dinner at St. Joseph’s parish. We talked about the negative and positive pressure of our peers and the value of true friends. If you take those things a little bit deeper, we were really getting at the need for good community, for a group of people [...]

Parents are no longer the Primary Catechists

Disclaimer: This post speaks in generalities. Yes, there are still many amazing families out there dynamically living out the role as primary catechists which they embraced at marriage and reinforced when their child was baptized. This post speaks to the average church-goer, the one that needs to be won over and introduced to a dynamic [...]

Hearing Vs. Listening: You’ve sat down, now what? Pt. 2

Missed Part 1?  Read it here.   This second installment of my three part series on Hearing vs. Listening walks you through the steps and skills of taking a conversation from a mere transaction to an encounter. Deeper Steps in Listening 1. Invite/Invoke the Holy Spirit into the conversation  When you meet a person for the [...]

Hearing vs. Listening: What’s the difference? Pt. 1

In my experience of church ministry, I have often found that most people who approach the church are in need of something on their “to do” list, but are also in need of so much more.  They are in need of someone to listen to their stories and help them move forward. Since I was [...]