led us not into temptation

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

How often are you avoiding the spiritual heartache & suffering that sin brings into your life? In this video, Gwen wants you to identify areas of temptation in your life, and she challenges you to proactively work against sin's temporal draw. https://youtu.be/VsfYSkO8zsA https://contentupgrade.me/mA4NkyJ5

advisory, spiritual

Spiritual Advisory

Do you take precautions and protect yourself and your ministry spiritually? Gwen talks about the importance of always looking forward and remembering the battle is already won. https://youtu.be/JwjUynxgUZU https://contentupgrade.me/mA4NkyJ5

Ways to Win this Lent: 7 Quick Tips

1. Intentionally look beyond yourself Though Lent is a time for prayer and fasting, it does not mean you are called to be a narcissist.  Strive to build up the kingdom of God through your prayers and fasting.  Do someone else’s chores. Invite someone to join you for a Holy Hour. Offer up your suffering for … Continue reading Ways to Win this Lent: 7 Quick Tips

10 Ways to get your Family Praying

When it comes to prayer, and the purpose of this post, the term family can take on a variety of meanings. Maybe you are a 20 something in a city distant from those who share your last name, consider your family the group that you eat meals with, hang out with, go to church with. … Continue reading 10 Ways to get your Family Praying

Hope for the Holidays

I love everything about Christmas: the giving of gifts, the traditions, the holiday movies, the music,  the lights on the houses, the smell of the tree, the wonder and innocence, the Christmas story…  the list goes on and on. But what I think I love most about Christmas is the way that God moves so … Continue reading Hope for the Holidays

Make A New Year’s Resolution for Advent – Why not?

If I asked you - what is your most common New Year’s resolution?  You might say: to lose weight, save money, eat healthier, get rid of the excess or live a simpler life.  My personal new year’s resolutions have almost always been to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.  However, as I made these … Continue reading Make A New Year’s Resolution for Advent – Why not?

The Reflection You Didn’t Know You Needed

About a month ago, I was challenged by my spiritual director to examine and process my semester in ministry. In doing so, I’ve been able to go back and reflect on how God has been moving in my life. This semester was the busiest we’ve ever had, and has probably been the most successful as well. With … Continue reading The Reflection You Didn’t Know You Needed

The Attack on Ministry

There are certain times in our life when things just don’t seem to be going quite right.  We all have those times when we are hit with a trial or get overwhelmed with the circumstances of our lives.  Sometimes this makes us question the direction we are moving, other times it gives us conviction that … Continue reading The Attack on Ministry