Make A New Year’s Resolution for Advent – Why not?

If I asked you - what is your most common New Year’s resolution?  You might say: to lose weight, save money, eat healthier, get rid of the excess or live a simpler life.  My personal new year’s resolutions have almost always been to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle.  However, as I made these … Continue reading Make A New Year’s Resolution for Advent – Why not?

Where Strength Lies

A young man who did not have a left arm wanted to compete in martial arts. He found a teacher to train him, but the teacher only taught him one move. Other competitors would learn many more, and the young man just knew he was going to lose in an upcoming competition. As it turns out, he won not only … Continue reading Where Strength Lies

Why I Won’t Settle

As people who work in ministry, we understand the importance of living a life that thrives on Christ and is an outpouring of His love and grace in our lives. We understand the intensity and major consequence of mortal sin. But we usually don’t notice the effect venial sin has had on our lives until we have dug ourselves into a hole that we need a lot of help to get out of.

The Vital Power of ‘No’

Recently I attended a Theology of the Body session. The speaker was addressing chastity and stated “If you can’t say ‘No’, your ‘Yes’ means nothing”. It’s time we had an honest conversation about how necessary this word is for someone in ministry. I am a people pleaser and struggle to say no. This often leads … Continue reading The Vital Power of ‘No’