Becoming a Man of Prayer: Part 4

Thanks for joining me, Matt, on this series for men. We've come a long way and here we are at the conclusion. To recap, we started off talking about the ways men are attacked. We are fed lies from the Devil and grow burdened with our fears and our sins. In response to this, we must … Continue reading Becoming a Man of Prayer: Part 4

Becoming a Man of Prayer: Part 3

Thanks for joining us for Part 3 of our series for men. In Part 1, we talked about how the world we live in is hurting. Depression, alcoholism, pornography… the list goes on and it’s obvious to see there is an attack on men in this world. Last week in Part 2, we discussed how the … Continue reading Becoming a Man of Prayer: Part 3

Called to Greatness

Here's the thing. Sometimes, I become unsatisfied with where I am. I'm unhappy with where God had placed me. I get restless. I ask God that if He wants to use me like He said He did, then why hasn't led me to that place or that team? I complain to Him that I want to go out and … Continue reading Called to Greatness

When Ministry Ends at Your Front Door

In times of ministry, it’s easy for the charity switch to turn on. But the most difficult moment of ministry leadership is when you return home.  My wife is amazing and, while she doesn’t have a specific role on the Core Team (except when we ask her to speak), she leads the ministry of supporting … Continue reading When Ministry Ends at Your Front Door

The Missionary Life

I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into.   I guess I thought it would be just like any other job transition, or change, or promotion, where you’re given a new title and things shift a little bit. Just a little bit. What I didn’t realize, was that a slight change is never what … Continue reading The Missionary Life

8 Ways to Bless your Marriage as a Minister.

I love the black and white decisions, like the time I got the call that my 3 year old daughter was in the hospital with a broken leg. It was a no brainer; drop everything and go. One phone call on the way mobilized my volunteers to cover the ministry event I had starting in … Continue reading 8 Ways to Bless your Marriage as a Minister.

Who do you see?

  Today's Activity: Who do I see? Materials needed for this activity: A mirror, your eyes, lots of honesty Look at yourself in the mirror for no more than 15 seconds.  What do you see and who do you see? (No cheating…just follow these instructions.)  Make note of your immediate thoughts, reactions and judgements.  Most … Continue reading Who do you see?